Monday, 25 June 2012

Giroud deal edging closer and back to reality

Evening all,

With England’s *shock* exit yesterday following yet another inept performance I wonder if sanity will be restored to the world.

Whilst I am disappointed I can’t help but feel with performances like the last few we have had, that we may have been on the wrong side of a serious spanking at the hands of the Germans, had we somehow managed to get through yesterday. Also in fairness to Italy, they did play pretty well, some nice attacking play and could have had anywhere up to six goals.

With regards to Arsenal, there is not much by the way of news at the moment other than further titbits suggesting that the Giroud deal is nearing completion. There are some interesting quotes in The Sun attributed to Giroud and despite the source it does correlate with what we suspect of the dealings at the moment.

“I am so happy to be signing for Arsenal — it is something that represents so much for me. I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League and Arsenal are a great club with many French players.”

Unfortunately there is not an awful lot more to really say at the moment so I guess I will have to leave it there. Let’s hope Arsenal give me something to write home about.

Good night,


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Arsenal transfer round up and Nasri is a pillar of society.

Morning all,

It has been quite some time even by my erratic posting standards and so much has happened in that time.

I have been abroad reducing my liver to a mere raisin which now probably has about as much functionality as Samir Nasri on the bench. Yes he is a cunt but let’s not focus on him despite his foul mouthed rant yesterday and his petulant calling out of journalists which highlights the disgracefulness of his existence. I will not for one second however talk about how he is a cock and how he has the worst teeth in the world because quite frankly this blog is above that kind of nonsensical behaviour.

Anyway I have to apologise for the lack of activity but a combination of Los Angeles and Las Vegas combined with the end of season blues has left me in a position where I am so devoid of any motivation to write, that anytime I did the result was something you would read in the mail. Not anything to be proud of believe me so I never posted.

Anyway since I last blessed the blogosphere much has changed.

Sir Twitch-a-lot has been fired for one of the most shambolic the collapses the league has ever seen. Well done, we could have used that type of expertise in the Euros Harry. So whilst the Euros have been on, my thirst for real football is somewhat quenched but that is as far as it goes. I find it difficult to get fully behind a team with John Terry in the team but find it difficult not to get carried away with the new found hope despite my best efforts.

In more important news however, it seems as though lessons from last year have been learnt in as much as we have completed the signing of Podolski as well as the imminent signing of Giroud. There is also much talk of us being close to signing M’villa who despite looking very average last night could certainly be a tremendous signing.

I wrote a while back that we may struggle to get rid of a number of our fringe players and that is certainly proving to be difficult which may put a hamper on any other potential signings we may make. I expect we are still on the lookout though with a number of players expected to leave the Emirates this season.

I think a fair question would be, do we really need much more? I understand the excitement around new signings and the clamour to ensure we make them because it creates a buzz and a level of confidence around the club which is almost difficult to replicate through any other means.

With Wilshere hopefully coming back into the midfield and with the arrival of two international forwards we are surely in a much stronger position than last season. I would venture to say an addition of 2 and a half world class players from last season. Even so I would not begrudge another signing or two and just like every other fan I will be hopeful but will not resent the club if there are no further signings (provided we keep Van Persie). That does not include the addition of Chamberlain as a fully fledged first team player from the start of the season which I am really excited about. This may be jumping the gun and committing the very crime I accuse the media of making by creating hype impossible to live up to but… I truly believe from what I have seen that Chamberlain has the POTENTIAL to be one of the best players this Country has ever seen. He really could become a world beater.

Well onto today’s crunch tie which most people I have spoken to seem to think is a given. People seem to have forgotten this is a team that are likely to cause as many problems as much they are going to stifle our play. I have been very unimpressed with the England team despite the success they have demonstrated up to this point. Yes results are key so any victory will be welcome but I cannot help but feel we lost opportunities in games gone by to assert some hold of the game against both Sweden and Ukraine. I just hope Young and Milner are kept well away from the team for the rest of the tournament as they have been absolute turd the entire time.

Either way, we shall see.

That’ll do for today.

 I daresay; until tomorrow.