Sunday, 31 July 2011

What did we REALLY learn?

Same old Arsenal? Throwing away a lead. No commitment. Can’t defend. We are doomed! Doomed I tell you.
Okay lets just chillax for a moment and put things in perspective. These were both  pre-season friendlies. There were positives and negatives. It is easy for everyone to focus on the negatives, that is the nature of life. We drew two games we should have one; true. This has happened before on too many occasions; true. The goals we conceded were due to defensive mistakes; again very true (and all too familiar). Does this affect our chances in the league, ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is fact.

It was a friendly with a disjointed defence which was not full strength and does not represent a true reflection of our chances. I agree this is not ideal and Martin Keown summed it up nicely:

“When you make mistakes it creates an uncertainty that you just do not need.”

However let’s look at the positives of which there were many. Gervinho looked very, very promising. He looks like he has slotted in nicely and built up an understanding with Van Persie already. He looks very quick and seems to have a good footballing brain on him. Jenkinson seemed to look comfortable and reliable which is a plus but what was clear was his desire to play for the shirt. Ramsey and Wilshire looked comfortable and I liked the strength and balance of Frimpong. Van Persie’s goalscoring form continues in the ruthless manner he finished last season.

That was the purpose of the tournament. Get some match practice. End of. Looks like the defence is not ready but that is not anything we didn’t know so listen Mr Wenger. I implore you to sign a centre back that has got more brain cells than that of a goldfish because at the moment the combined IQ of Squilaci and Djourou seems to be less than that. So everyone stop your pissing and your moaning and especially your booing at a friendly and like I said just chillax. At least until the end of the transfer window and if no steps have been taken I myself will find someone to P.I.M.P. slap.

Next order of the day is the issue regarding Fabregas and Nasri. No new news as such but I found it interesting to see Nasri was handed the captains arm band when Van Persie went off. He seemed hungry and his body language was not disgruntled by any stretch of the imagination which to me suggests he is not at all bothered by anything going on and may well be happy to sit out this year to get an even fatter pay check come July 2012. This deeply saddens me but it is the management’s decision if they decide not to sell him with only one year left and no apparent desire to extend. With Fabregas looking like he almost certainly will leave (still do not know why as we hold ALL the aces) I sort of understand the need to keep one of them. Logic would suggest that it be the other way round but I fear it will be very difficult keeping Cesc judging by his absence. After not being able to kit up and play in a friendly whilst looking about as happy as a crack head on a come down it is safe to assume that even if he does stay he is not happy about it. I was not amused with his attitude and certainly cannot see how he can remain captain IF he stays.

Transfer news according to the trashloids looks like its usual drivel including the usual. We have a merry go round with Samba going to Everton and us taking Jagielka. Interesting but even the papers weren’t concerned

We can only hope some progress has been made with regards to buying a centre back or else I may corner Mr Wenger and slap myself profusely whilst shouting “buy a centre back” in my most menacing voice. If that doesn’t work then he is braver then many a drunk I have come across. Seriously though it would only be worthwhile getting a defender that would improve the defence. I know everyone wants height but it just seems like the organisation and communication amongst the defence is frankly not up to it. An addition in itself will do nothing to alleviate that. We need to have a look within and look at the coaching staff and methods and SORT IT OUT!

Well that’s all for today! Until tomorrow!


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