Saturday, 19 November 2011

Norwich vs Arsenal Preview

Morning all,

Fina-fuckin-ly! This has been a long time coming! The inter-shitty-arse-mouth is finally over and we have real football to feast upon.

The arsenal are back and for all intents and purposes, my life is worth living again. I sincerely did not realise how reliant I was on arsenal to provide meaning to my life. It is inhumane how socially inept I am, I barely am able construct a sentence that makes any kind of sense without my beloved Arsenal being the topic. This is perhaps why I hate international breaks so much. Or perhaps it is because the quality is shit. Either way I do not like ze shitty football.

Since real football was last played I learnt that I can be an absolute wanker and bully people so long as I shake hands with the poor turd I have just stomped. Thanks Sepp, you have condoned the actions of many a bigot and we love you for it. Twat.

Anyway, I am in the mood for some goals and I feel I shall be treated to some, courtesy of Robin Van Legend. To be fair it could be tough game but I hope that we pick up where we left off which is something I haven’t said following an international break in a long time. Though I expect us to continue I am fearful that complacency may have kicked in following a return to something resembling form and the break that has followed.

There has been some disappointing news in the past couple of days regarding two very promising young full backs. Kieran Gibbs is likely to be out for a further 4-6 weeks due to hernia and Carl “Living the Dream” Jenkinson is slightly more worrying by the sounds of it. Though I have no clue what the ramifications of a stress fracture of the back mean, I just know it doesn’t sound good and it has the potential to last a long time with our luck. I genuinely feel sorry for the lad as this was an amazing opportunity for the lad to get a run going.

So with that said there is a potential selection dilemma ahead for le boss. I know there is a lot of talk around Djourou or Koscienly. I personally would like to see Koscienly starting at right back purely because for whatever reason Djourou is looking to be a liability these days. I do sympathise with him because it is difficult for a defender to play a bit part role and slot in seamlessly but we mustn’t forget it was only a year ago that he was commanding a defence that beat united at home or he was a player we genuinely could not live without.

Aside from the defence the team pretty much picks itself at the moment and I expect/hope/dream of an emphatic victory.

And with that I shall run to have beer and food. Enjoy it lads.


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