Thursday, 12 April 2012

Arsene Wenger's Best XI

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I have published another post on so please support GoonerVerse by checking it out. It will be well worth it and maybe a little controversial. Would appreciate any thoughts and what you would change as well.

"After reading a certain quote from Wenger this morning of “We had a team capable of winning everywhere” my mind began racing. I have, over the past few weeks been looking at the team and the league table constantly wondering how we are going to navigate a route back to the top of the pile. A lot has been asked of Wenger and whether he is unable to see “what is so obvious to everyone else”. I look at the team and think of areas it can be improved but a lot of people wonder whether Wenger has the will or the way to make this team the dominant force it was in the early/mid noughties. A lot of people might question the decisions Le Boss has made but let’s try to dispel the notion that Wenger cannot spot a good defender or that he is unaware of which players are needed. Surely the quote in itself admits a recognition that his current crop are not good enough but I thought I would do something more positive by having a look at some of the players he has played in each position since he has arrived. Here is MY best Arsene Wenger XI:"

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