Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Theo 'runs into a brickWALLcott' -100K a week?

Good Evening People Of Goonerverse, My name is Simon Chapman, a Gooner for about 20 years now. I've been invited by my friend, 'The Master of the the Goonerverse' to stick my 2 pennies in on anything Arsenal that pops into my tiny little brain, and am hoping to contribute every week (depending whether there's anything better on TV to watch) This is my first ever blog, I hope you like it!!

Theo Wallcott, for many years now has flattered to deceive. Since his £12m transfer way back in 2006 (wow, 6 years) how has he come on as a footballer? After 6 years, shouldn't his game have progressed so he is one of the best players in the world? Although supposedly played out of position as a 'wide player' (not strictly true, as we play a fluid 4-3-3 with Theo as an advanced forward, rather then winger), his contribution to the Arsenal cause over the years has been sporadic at best.

Blessed with a sprinters pace, but the stability of a game of Jenga, Theo can outpace a defender, then crumble under a challenge, then go missing for a few games while nursing a little boo boo on his leg. His decision making is still questionable, even though over the years this aspect of his game has improved (13 assists last season when compared with 2 assists 2 years previous to that) but without a bang in form RVP (likely to leave this summer) on the end of the majority of these chances, has Robin made him look better then he is? When RVP leaves, will young Wallcott look as effective?

Theo is in an identical contract situation to Robin (a completely separate issue of much debate) , but who of us Gooners would really be sad to see him go? According to the Redtops, Liverpool and Chelsea are chasing, willing to pay us £15m AND pay him the £100k a week which he wants. £100k a week?? For an inconsistent, fragile players who only seems to turn his performances on about 5-6 games a season, and often against poor opposition (eg the spuds in the 5-2 at the Grove). REALLY??? Is his overall contribution to Arsenal really worth that kind of investment?

According to reports, he is on £60k, and the club are ONLY offering £80k a week. I'm thinking let him leave, take his running into a brick wall (usually a Utd or Chelsea fullback) with him, and take the money to re-invest in another decent forward (ha!!! more likely help service our massive stadium debt, while promoting some 12 year old from France who cost us an Xbox and a packet of Maltesers into the first team).

I say let him rot on Chelsea's subs bench, coming on with 5 minutes to go as an 'impact sub' every 5 games to watch him fall flat on his arse as another full back makes him look like the most ordinary footballer since Denilson (not the Barca one, the shit Arsenal one who we can't shift cos some idiot offered the twat £60k a week!!).

People will always bang on about us selling our best players and how we're going backwards, but I don't see Wallcott as one of our best players. Sell Theo, then unleash the Ox and see him tear the Premiership apart down the right next season!!!!

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  1. "but without a bang in form RVP (likely to leave this summer) on the end of the majority of these chances, has Robin made him look better then he is? When RVP leaves, will young Wallcott look as effective?"
    Wait, would RVP have scored as many goals without theo to supply him? How come noone else set up RVP as much, with the possible exception of Song. It's a symbiotic relationship, but you seem to want to criticise Theo for MAKING CHANCES!? How is that right?
    Imo losing theo this summer would be a bit of a blow. While it's true he's not reached the required level of consistency, he was our 2nd most dangerous attacker last season, as is shown by the numbers, and to lose him wouldn't be advisable.
    There's no guarantee Oxlade could even come close to theo next season. His performances weren't exactly consistent either. Granted he will most likely develop into a much more rounded footballer, but next season is almost certainly too soon.
    All that said, don't give him more than he's worth; if he wants ridiculous amounts of money, then he can go and get it somewhere else. Same goes for any player at arsenal.
    Also I don't remember the non-Arsenal Denilson playing for Barca; I remember him signing for Betis, and playing for Brazil a bit.

    1. Good points,but I was just trying to highlight that although Theo was our second most potent attacking force last season, his overall contribution is still not consistent enough, and certainly, in my opinion not worth 100k a week.

      Apologies, Denilson did indeed play for Betis and not Barcelona!

  2. Sell Theo and buy Ben Afha, Offer RVP in Exchange for Higuain. Babartov is also an Arsenal-like player that can come in to give us two quality years

    1. Just my tots too.... If indeed Theo won't accept the 80k a week on offer then the best option would be to let him go for at least 15million and have that fund re-invested immediately in a player like Ben Afha. And i wonder why Arsene's not looking to bring in Babartov as i believe he could do a very good job as a supporting striker for us. We are talking about quality dept in the squad here.

  3. In addition, no player should be allowed to hold a club to ransom, no matter how good he thinks he is, and how much his ego dictates how much he feels he should earn.

    1. Losing Theo as well as RVP wd be a blow to us and yet more comfort to the enemy! He's worth every penny of 100k for heavens sake pay him and keep him!

  4. I read on another blog a good description of theo...
    'the first touch of a baby elephant' and something like...
    'runs around like a stabbed rat'
    he is an average player, but he's english, clean cut and photogenic so maybe the marketing men like him, as a footballer he is at best average and I'd be happy if he went to be honest.

  5. I think with Theo gone Alex Oxlade Chamberlain would get more game time and is by far a lot better player. He can also play anywhere but favours the right side. Theo thinking he's in the same class as RvP.