Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cazorla to complete in the next 24 hours? Exciting times ahead.

Morning all,

With so much happening in the Goonerverse since my absence, it is fairly difficult to write an opening to this blog. I could try and put into words the heart ache and anguish Captain-not-so-fantastic has caused me these past few weeks but I fear that it may tell you all a lot more about me then the deceitful means he has used to engineer an exit.

I will however start off in an entirely different direction. One filled with excitement and optimism that has been bought about by intense speculation in the transfer market these past few days.

Whilst I haven’t posted in a while due to a number of holidays, (Vegas, Los Angeles and Barcelona) I have been keeping in touch with all things Arsenal. It has largely been filled with awful “reports” and rumours regarding anybody and everybody either being sold or being signed but in the past few days things have changed. There seems to be some tangible reports linking us to a number of exciting players, players which in theory would greatly improve not only the squad but the starting XI as well.

I have not seen Arsenal fans this optimistic for a very long time and whilst there is certainly an air of doom and gloom with the impending departure of our Captain, there is certainly reason to be hopeful. We have already acquired the services of Podolski and Giroud, both of which look set to play together in a new look Arsenal front line. In addition it looks as though Wenger is in hot pursuit of two very promising midfield additions. By these additions I am of course talking about Santi Cazorla and Nuri Sahin who have both been strongly mooted to be edging closer to being signed. In fact in thecase of the former many reports are suggesting a deal could be finalised bytomorrow. 

It seems that both deals are close but as we know anything can happen so it is important that we do not get carried away before everything is finalised. Either way, the fact that we are ACTUALLY going for these players is a great statement of intent and it really does throw a marker down to other teams but equally importantly our top players as well.

The fact that we are looking to capitalise on the mismanagement of a team which was flooded with cash is sweetly ironic and should serve as a reminder to those wishing for a complete change in direction, that it does not always work out.

From a tactical point of view both transfers make complete sense and could see much needed competition in the midfield area, especially in a creative sense. Cazorla would certainly complement the team and I would back him to have the same effect as his compatriot, Juan Mata, has had over at Chelsea.

In other news it seems as though the Arsenal careers of Bendtner, Squillaci and Park are finally coming to an end as Wenger declared publically that they are close to departing the Emirates.
“Bendtner, Squillaci and Park will be on their way to go somewhere. Arshavin, it depends. We have to sit together and talks. He could still have a future at the club.
We will see how the next few days unfold but it could potentially be a very exciting couple of days at the GoonerVerse so make sure you keep checking back as I will post as soon as we have more news.

Before I go, some of you will have noticed that Simon Chapman, a friend of mine has recently started writing here. Make sure you keep in touch with his thoughts/rants as and when they come. They are both entertaining and thought provoking and provide a completely different perspective on all things Arsenal.

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  1. how exciting that will be from wenger coz if the deals really goes through we will b a force to reckon with, i wish vp sign.....go gonners


    1. Wtf ramsay diaby and djourou they r good mate ramaay is young and can b a real gem when.diaby was fit he was awesome he was better than song and djourou is gd for a 4th choice cb name a better 4th choice cb in the league

  3. Both sound good to me :) And it also seems that we are putting faith in the likes of Coquelin, and Frimpong (When not injured) and Diaby to play the CDM role. With Cazorla being a CAM/Wing, and Sahin being a box to box/CAM. Both are amazing and sahin will be very good even on the loan deal mentioned. I have also seen soem reports that Sakho could be on his way to us, so then that would be another CB/LB but this Sakho deal seems unlikely. But I would be very happy with these 2 players :) Also have you heard the rumours for a swap deal, tevez for RVp? what do you think?

    1. Sakho has been mentioned but as you said unlikely at this stage. Tevez/RVP again is something I cannot see happening due to what his wage demands would be.. If we would pay Tevez what he wants then it makes more sense just offering the same money to RVP. Would certainly make the best out of the situation though!