Friday, 17 August 2012

2012/13 Season Preview Part 1

Afternoon all,

So the eve is upon us and just like at Christmas I think I may struggle to sleep tonight. Such is the excitement I feel, that I am literally struggling to think about anything else. Not great when you have a lot of work to do and a BBQ to shop for.

I was thinking of a number of ways I could write the season preview but given the fact that I expect a number of players still to sign and some more to leave my original idea of rating each position might have to wait until the close of the Transfer Window.

Instead, I will, without any bias of course, have a brief look at all the teams that we will challenge with this season.

Manchester City:

Haven’t strengthened as much as they would have liked and in all honesty there aren’t many positions that Manchester City look like they need strengthening. Lucky to have a large number of quality players in each position, Mancini’s biggest challenge will be finding the winning formula once again whilst juggling some huge personalities. Will the team rest on its laurels or will they in fact look to take the next step and defend their title and maybe more? That remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure though, that Manchester City despite only obtaining modest acquisitions in the form of Rodwell, still have a squad very capable of winning the league.

However, one must not forget it was largely this squad/team that competed against Arsenal last season and were comprehensively outplayed for 90 minutes. Some may argue that is a one off but we will see if more teams take it to Manchester City this year.

Player to watch:

Sergio Aguero

He literally won them the league with pretty much the last kick of the season and he will look to push on from a hugely impressive debut campaign. If he can remain fit and improve on last season, Manchester City have a great chance at retaining the title.

Threat to Arsenal: HUGE

Manchester United:

Where to start. I had begun, in my older age to hate them less. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate them but it was dwindling as seasons went by due to my perception of greater and more annoying evils in the form of Manchester City and Tottenham.

However in one single moment they have returned to the top of my hatred list alongside Tottenham and X factor. Well maybe I don’t hate X factor quite as much but I do hate it, and Big Brother while I’m at it. Anyway, I digress.

Yes they have strengthened and strengthened significantly in the form of Robin Van Persie but I do not attest to the claims made by Ferguson that they now have the best strike force in the world. They do have two quality strikers but outside of that they have what I consider to be two above average players, Welbeck who could potentially be great but at the moment, meh.

Despite this area of the team being strengthened, the midfield still seems sparse in my opinion. I do not think they are great and whilst the purchase of Kagawa is both astute and will help United at the creative end I still feel they are missing a little steal in the middle. Cleverly is a great prospect and it will be interesting to see how he comes on this season but will their midfield be good enough to challenge for the league.

I would like to think not but then I have made that mistake before. Somehow Ferguson manages to get the most out of what I believe to be quite mediocre players. I don’t know how he does it but he surprises me time and time again by making a team that whilst on paper you may doubt the ability of, competitive.

Player to watch:

Robin Van Persie

Cannot believe I am saying this but Robin Van Persie, the player of the year will be the main attacking outlet at United and as such if he continues in his vein of form for last season then it is likely that Manchester United will do very well.

Who know though, he may just get injured.

Threat to Arsenal: Big


They have decided to get their oil money out again as this transfer window has seen a splurge of sorts. Last year they looked like a team that lacked any ideas going forward and as a result struggled for large portions of the season.

They have acted on this and bought in the service of the Hazard brothers with Eden in particular looking to make a mark on the Premier League, Brazilian Oscar and Marko Marin all will strengthen Chelsea in this regard. Add to that Mata and Torres and you are looking at a team that will in all likelihood be unrecognisable from the team that played last year.

How well they will fare in the Premier League is yet to be seen but they have certainly strengthened well.

I would suggest that despite winning a Champions League and a FA Cup that their management situation might let them down. They have had a far from ideal pre-season and a bad start and they might just end up having a season which never gets going until its too late like last season.

Player to watch:

Fernando Torres

This was quite difficult to pick as they have a number of exciting players coming in this year but it feels like the time for Torres to come into his own in a Chelsea shirt has finally arrived which is unfortunate for the rest of us.

I think the players they have bought will complement his style far better and he is likely to hit the back of the net a fair few times this season. If he doesn’t then Chelsea have little hope of competing in the league.

Threat to Arsenal: Big

That'll have to do for now, make sure you tune in later to check out the Arsenal preview which will be a bit more in depth.

Until later.



  1. I guess the biggest threat to Arsenal come from internal.
    1. The stingy Stan and the board
    2. AW youth policy
    3. Lack confidence when Arsenal faces big team like city, Chelsea

  2. I think Arsenal will end up this year