Sunday, 15 January 2012

Arteta out!?! Update Knee Injury rules out Arteta

Morning all,

Just a very quick post today as I posted a fairly comprehensive preview yesterday but rumours are spreading like wildfire that Mikel Arteta will be out as he has been struck by the mysterious bug that Mertesacker and Rosicky have.

Update: It seems as though Arteta has definately been ruled out but it may be a knee injury not the virus that is ruling him out

This is yet to be confirmed by anything I can see so I suppose you have to take it with a pinch of salt but the importance of Arteta cannot be underestimated. He is a vital cog in the Arsenal machine at the moment and he is very important in our meteoric rise following our appalling start.

I hope it is not true but it seems as though Rosicky (if fit himself) or Benayoun may get the nod to fill in. It is a shame as it is a completely different role to the one either would be comfortable in and perhaps Ramsey might be better suited but with Coquelin out and Frimpong out on loan it seems we may struggle for a like for like replacement tactically.

This could result in the balance we have had recently shifting to a more attacking set up, which if it works would be great to watch but if not could leave us more exposed than normal.

Either way it is important we go out there and put in any kind of performance that gets the big three points. With Frimpong doing his best to kick holes in Tottenham players yesterday and contributing to a fabulous 2-points-lost for the scum, we must capitalise today. It is huge for us today and we must win.

Have a good day and come on you gunners!


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