Sunday, 30 October 2011

Arsenal spank Chelsea - Official!

Morning all,

I speak to you today content with life. I have to say yesterday was one of the happiest days of my recent history. The corner, we must say has been turned and now it is the job of the boss and the players to ensure that we stay on track.

What a fantastic result. When we go to the Bridge and score five that is what the focus should be on, not the three conceded. We were a bunch of headless chickens at the back at times but it is clear that after half time, we were a far tighter unit. Chelsea on the other hand no answers to the endless bursts of attacks from the Arsenal.

Whilst at half time it looked like we may be punished for our lack of finishing simple chances and the jury on twitter was already ready to hang the boss and all the players. To be fair to the manager and the team we were pretty awesome in the second half and the goal from Santos started the tide of one way traffic.

I have not been the biggest fan of Theo Walcott but I thought he was a genuine threat throughout and he was immense. He only tackled himself once yesterday and the recovery was thrilling. A sublime bit of skill to take him away from the racist and the oaf and he smashed the ball in at the near post. Quality finish and great character from the lad.

They managed to get back into the game through a lucky but albeit great finish from the player that should have had a red shirt on. When it looks like we have thrown it all away RVP comes to save the day. If you only looked at all the papers this morning you would be surprised to know there were ten other players playing for us yesterday. Whilst I am not saying his two late goals were instrumental in our victory, I am saying there were other people on the pitch that played like titans yesterday. Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Koscienly in particular were outstanding. It is fair to say that RVP is in the form of his life and we need him fit to be the force we are beginning to become.

It was lovely to see the euphoria of Arsenal fans following the match. It has been a long time that people have felt like this and “@AshMudge I've been buzzing all day! Haven't felt like this since barca home last season!” sums up the mood nicely at the moment I think. My favourite tweet of yesterday has to be by @Faaaazilaa “@Persie_Official I was screaming after you scored my mum ran downstairs and asked if anything was on fire and I said Yeah Robin Van Persie!” Great stuff!

Chelsea 3 – 5 Arsenal

Fantastic stuff which puts us firmly in Seventh place just three points behind Chelsea now who are in third. To be fair this doesn’t include Tottenham’s two games in hand and Newcastle who play on Monday. Either way we are within touching distance of where the world, including many Arsenal fans thought we were not capable of getting to after our poor start to the season.

In all fairness it was difficult to see the horizon given how dark things had become and now we are finally in a place which looks like the right thing any setback regardless of size will be monumental. With games against WBA (H), Norwich (A), Fulham (H), Wigan Athletic (A), Everton (H) our next five games are ones which we should be winning taking our run to 9 games. This of course is very much a question of if as anything can happen but if we do manage to get this run going, it is probably as good a run as we have had in recent memory (by that I am thinking ten years). In fact even this run of four wins on the trot that we have at the moment is the best run in the league since September 2009.

Let’s hope we keep it going!

Let’s all laugh at John Terry who was eating grass as he gave up in pathetic fashion as RVP cruised past him, the Cech to slide the ball into the empty net.

Hopefully speak soon! Come on Arsenal!!


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