Sunday, 23 October 2011

Arsenal Vs Stoke preview

You know what? My feeble excuses around my lack of activity even make me cringe. I feel like curling into a ball into the corner of the room, rocking, ever so slowly in a way that makes you realise that I have gone crazy. Yes, crazy! Crazy with workload, and more recently Football Manager.

I had the best of intentions to post two days ago but upon buying the fabled disc I have been unable to do anything else. So it is at 4.00am that I write this after a 48 hour gaming binge in which I have only had Bacardi to accompany me and I really do feel crazy.

So my message to you kids is; do not spend all your time playing games. Just beat people up, hang around outside shitty shops like Budgens and scare old ladies on your bikes. It is much, much cooler. Oh deary me, I forgot the most important one, ask any passer by you see if they will purchase cigarettes for you, that makes you really cool.

Anyway onto the Gunners shizzle my brizzles. It seems as though corners are being turned as we speak but we may venture around the wrong corner and come back on ourselves which really means we haven’t turned which actually means we might be going backwards because our tom tom doesn’t have a fucking clue where we are supposed to go. If we lose today, I fear that we would have in fact gone backwards. You deserve a sticker if you followed that particular linguistic treat. Clearly the nights of watching simulated text based football matches are not helping my writing skills.

It is clear that we have showed glimpses of the old Arsenal in the past few matches but the ugly wart called our defending has reared is disfigured, disgusting and  discharging head. Yes, discharging, that is how disgusting our defence can be. I however feel that these moments are reducing in duration and we are returning to a level closer to what we have been accustomed to over Wenger’s tenure.

Another win today is essential for a number of reasons, none more important than the three points the win carries propelling us into 7th place only two points behind the wonderous new collection of racist cunts King Kenny has assembled. Not bad for a team that are in disarray, have a shambolic defence and are managed by someone that has lost the plot. I wonder what the media will say about that?

It is clear that today will not be easy and any victory, regardless of the finesse involved will be greatly appreciated. It is very difficult to play our brand of football when playing rugby and their ogres will do whatever they can do to disrupt our passing. They will cause Koscienly the types of problems he would not face in Europe where he does look pretty awesome. It is interesting to hear the sudden clamour of praise coming his way following the midweek result. Whilst his performance was everything it should be, to start talking of him being a world beater may be premature:

“I’ve always liked him – he’s strong, quick, physically good, heads the ball well. For me he has everything to be one of the top centre backs around. When you have all those things it just needs a little fine-tuning here and there to become one of the best defenders.”

Wise words RVP but it is pointless having those qualities if the team around him neglects their responsibilities which is something we have improved on in the last two games.

It is also fantastic to see the CB partnership of Mertesacker and Koscienly begin to look solid. Especially with our best defender getting back, fantastic to see some genuine competition for places. If in the next two games, and it is a very big if, we ensure two clean sheets than it may be difficult for the Verminator to automatically take his place in the team.

Onto team news for today and there are a number of areas where the team is depleted but that is of no surprise to anyone. Of particular note is the position of right back which the poor lad, Jenkinson looked set to fill in has suffered a knee injury. It must be particularly upsetting for him given his rapid improvement across just two games. He was getting forward readily and in many ways nullified the opponents left wing by being so tenacious. I really rated both his performances, not because they were faultless because they weren’t, but the attitude, the willing and more importantly the enterprise. He in both games seemed a more effective attacking outlet than Theo Walcott.

So the dilemma is who we can play in the position today. I know there are many arguments for a number of players, all of which make sense but I just feel that I would not want to break up the central partnership as it seems to be finding it’s feet so for me the logical choice would be Djourou. That’s just me though, and your guess is as good as mine as to who would actually start at the back.

Aside from that the team really picks itself on the whole with two of Gervinho/Arshavin/Walcott making up the front three to accompany RVP one of the question marks but I would expect Gervinho to step in today.

I expect Szczesny, Djourou, Koscienly, Mertesacker, Santos, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho, Walcott, RVP.

I hope that we win and I think we will but I never really know anymore. All I know is, I love the Arsenal and I will regardless!

Up the arse!


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