Sunday, 9 October 2011

Five ways we can get our season back on track!

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We have a long wait before we have football back in our lives. We have to make do with Rugby at the moment which is a bit like not having your TV working so you have to make do with the radio.

In terms of Arsenal news I am afraid there is nothing of any real substance but the murmurs of a £20m bid for Reina last season which he wanted to speak to us about being rejected seems to have got a lot of people excited. It is strange as this is not really news as Bob Wilson told us this at the end of the transfer window last season.

I am personally glad that we didn’t as I think Szczesny is going to be one of the worlds best. Could just be me though. It does highlight that Arsene was not as oblivious to our goalkeeping problems last summer though. What does strike me is that if he identified Reina and was willing to pay £20m why on early was nobody bought in. You’d think with our other targets costing around 10% of what we were willing to pay on a keeper then we should have attempted to sort out the keeper problem.

The funny thing is, in this instance it has helped us as we end up with a (potentially) better player, but this does highlight that despite highlighting a problem and trying to solve it Wenger is happy to just carry on if plan A does not work. Gotze and Hazard were identified to replace Fabregas and Nasri but we did buy other players in a haste of panic and without medicals on other players. For me though, the players we bought essentially replaced a number of outgoing squad players with the exception of Arteta and Mertesacker. We are still short on world class quality and it is something I have been harping on about but we need one or two in the next transfer window to ensure the other world class players we have (nearly all of which seem to be coming to the end of their contract) do not leave.

So today we are going to look at the possible players we could buy that would tick the box of Marquee signing. I have only included people we could afford and I am going to go out on a limb and declare we can afford to give anyone the wages they want. We just choose not to. So whilst the signings may not be likely these are certainly all possible if we really wanted them.

Mario Gotze – He is my personal preference and there are conflicting reports of a deadline day bid of 35 million Euros was seemingly rejected and the player said he is going nowhere for two years. However we have heard all sorts of stuff before and we all know money talks. If we wanted he would be ours in January. A sublime touch, great passing and vision, if there is a Fabregas heir apparent it would be this fella. I think he is awesome. This would also represent around a cost of £35m leaving a cool £20m left in our coffers.

Eden Hazard – Our interest in Hazard is public knowledge and lots of people claim we have an agreement to sign him next season but cannot imagine such an agreement being in place. We could definitely benefit from a clearly classy player but the ligue 1 player of the year would not find things as easy in the premiership. I have no doubt though he would add undoubted ability to the team. Would we go for him in January? I hope so but maybe this is one for the summer judging by the comments of a lot of people. I hope we buy both the above players and truly believe that is what is needed to get us back to where we belong. It would not break the bank and the wage demands of these players would not be so excessive as to present the biggest hurdle so feel we should do everything in our power to do so. But then I am just a blogger and if I had the answers then I would probably be doing something about it.

Moutinho – He is someone I am a big fan of, would likely be cheaper then all the above so would present the best value. He is a great player with some of the best control and passing I have seen but for some reason we have not as of yet been linked to him nor can I see us putting in an offer. I hope I am wrong but we could seriously do with him. I tend to wind myself up thinking about why we do not buy some of these players. We CAN so why don’t we! Argh!

Wesley Sneijder – I know a lot of people are going to say it is pointless saying this and perhaps it is because I know for a fact we will never even entertain the idea of bidding for one of the worlds best players. Of course the wages are very, very high and that is something we need to contend with going forward to keep apace with the wider world but there is no reason we couldn’t sign him and pay one person these wages. I know there are arguments against this with players looking for parity and all that. I say tell them to shut the fuck up and when they are good enough for that money they will earn it!

Carlos Tevez – Perhaps the most controversial of all for a variety of reasons. Will he cock up the dressing room, will he just leave soon anyway, stupidly high wages and of course his cuntish behaviour most of all. Is that really the type of player we want. Probably yes, he is a work horse, amazing at what he does and he will get goals. Even a loan deal until the end of the season may do the trick to assert ourselves as a force.

To be honest I do not at the moment see any of these players wanting to join us the way we are. It is a self deprecating circle and we really need to sort things out before we really are beyond immediate repair. They say things get much worse before they get better but that doesn’t need to be the case with immediate action. If however we do not buy world class players things will get much, much worse even if we qualify for the champions league as I fear we may have to let go of some of our best players again.

I apologise to everyone for such a depressing post again but with no football to talk about I am only left with my deepest and darkest thoughts to fester over. I hope I am wrong but I fear without some real action from Wenger The Arsenal he has built will be ruined. I still think we will have a top four finish; I really do but is that enough for the ambition of Robin Van Persie? Time will tell.


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