Monday, 24 October 2011

Not Doomsday after all!

Morning all,

I wake up this morning in jubilant spirits following a fantastic victory albeit slightly impotent performance for the majority of the game. That was until Captain Vantastic came on to save the day, yet again.

Whilst I do not attest to the notion that we are a one man team. I felt Ramsey, Arteta and Gervinho were superb yesterday and the defence despite some awful ping pong for Stoke’s try, were generally assured and seemed comfortable throughout. So whilst it is true we needed Van Persie to come on to change the game, it was by no means a performance where nobody else performed. I think the main reason why Van Persie was required was the inept performance from our very own Morrocan, balding and very poor imitation of that poof that plays for Real Madrid.

Chamakh was truly shit. He was completely ineffectual and struggles even with the simplest of tasks. Even his “super heading” ability has deserted him. He had a wondrous opportunity which he flailed at with his head in the first half from a lovely corner. Then people complain we do not score from them. It was his inability to create any space or provide any penetration that highlighted Robin Van Persie’s importance to the team. I believe they in fact highlight the dearth of talent available to us outside of our first XI up front. It is beyond me what role Park Chu Young is playing for us and what he will play seeing as it is clear that Chamakh is shocking and he still hasn’t got a chance of getting into the team. Perhaps we shall see a bit more of what he is made of tomorrow night.

Unfortunately it seems as though there is no end in sight as I cannot see us buying a striker at the moment and I cannot see Chamakhleaving. 'The news about Marouane and Roma is absolutely unfounded. My client is happy at Arsenal and will remain here. There is no doubt.' Pierre Frelot, Chamakh’s agent told Wenger pretty much said the same as well; 'Marouane is not going anywhere. There is not a problem with Chamakh,' He is fighting for the position with Robin van Persie, who is in great form at the moment. He will get his chance; there are so many games at the moment.'

But sorry I digress. It was a decent performance and more importantly we are returning to our right place in the league. It is funny how it was all doom and gloom from everyone in the world around our club and now we are in touching distance of Spurs and Liverpool. In fact Liverpool are only two points ahead of us and considering the bumming they have had from the media at their chances to succeed this season perhaps all wasn’t so shitty in North London after all. Newcastle have surpassed even the most optimistic of expectations so far this season and you would expect their level to drop sooner rather than later which essentially sets up a race amongst us, Liverpool and the scum to get that fourth place. For now anyway.

With another huge test coming up next week against Chelsea we can in fact see how far we have come from the beginning of the season. I still feel the Spurs result was slightly unfair on us as I felt we played the better football. Unfortunately the result is all that matters and another good performance but poor result will be another major blow to us. I feel the fixture list has been a bit unkind to us especially given our fragile mental state at the moment. It seems we don’t have enough of a run against smaller teams to put a real run together and when it seems like we might be getting there, a big team is waiting ready to capitalise on our lack of confidence. We all know we cannot do anything about the fixture list and to be fair it is a pretty sad reflection on us that we cannot mentally cope with the big games at the moment.

On the flip side a positive result in this game really will suggest we have turned the corner and are back on track. The amount of confidence that will give to the team will be immeasurable. It will also put us only three points behind Chelsea who are having a host of problems of their own at the moment from suspensions to racist cunts and the like.

In addition the fixture list I have complained about up until this point is far more favourable the other side of Chelsea as it gives us the opportunity to get a run of some substance going. Our next games are as follows; WBA (H), Norwich (A), Fulham (H), Wigan Athletic (A), Everton (H) before our next game against the high flying band of money grabbing twats; City. Should be enough time and wins to get us back to where we should be; in the top four.

Certainly not the doomsday scenario most people were hoping for then.

It is with that I leave you to enjoy a beautiful sunny day.


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