Saturday, 8 October 2011

Return of the Mack,

The micidy micidy micidy mack is back and I aint wack so suck on my scrotum sack. Ha. I should be a rapper.

Anyway, apologies for the unforgiveable absence in posting, it was in part due to work and also because I was slightly suicidal following last weeks result.

I did not think we were as bad as some others felt we were and I think the result was harsh but it is clear that when things aren’t going well for you, they really don’t go well. A stupid winner to give away clouded an otherwise improved performance but what really struck me was the impotence of us going forward once we went behind. The match has been analysed to death and to be honest there is not much I want to say about it. Except this; you can either be a follower or a supporter. The team, despite how shit they are at the moment and they are shit. I think me, 15 stone and 5’2” could gather a band of men at the moment that will give them a run for their money. Despite that we need to support them on the pitch and act as help not hindrance.

It is clear the pressure is on and that was highlighted by Ramsey’s comments just the other day. They know that they need to do better and if confidence is a major issue which I think it is, I think their own fans booing them will hardly help, do you?

At the moment it feels like we are knee deep in shit and unfortunately there are no shitless waters in sight. We are a team that is just above the relegation zone approaching the quarter mark of the season, our best players are ALL running into the last year of their contract with no clear resolution in sight and we have an injury list as long as my friend downstairs so I understand the frustrations. I really do, mainly because I am as frustrated. However booing or getting at the players playing will not do the slightest bit of good.

I have a number of possible solutions to our problems which every fucker under the sun has at the moment. We all have opinions to be honest some might and some might not. Do not for one minute think that these problems have escaped the attention of the club. They are all highly paid and you’d expect them to make the best decisions possible. Given our track record however I understand the anxiety around the club at the moment.

These are testing times for the club but are by no means irreparable. If we sort out our wage structure with the squad getting what they deserve and the rest superstar money then we would go a long way to sorting out the problems at the club.

If we focus on maintaining the services of what we have at the moment and literally do whatever is required than other things will fall into place. In order to keep captain Vantastic we require sufficient investment in the squad, our wage structure broken and some world class stars at the club. Even then, that may not be enough if we do not sort out our performances on the pitch and lose out on Champions League football. If we lose the next lot of stars at the club in the summer I really do fear for the club. That will seem like an irreparable job and then we must look at a new manager. I love him and these are his most testing times and we shall see how he copes. I am not saying fire him now as that will be stupid, but if this situation is not fixed then, like any manager who has had serious failings throughout a campaign, serious questions need to be asked.

I am proud Arsenal are a club that doesn’t hire and fire managers at a whim but by the same token I do not expect Arsenal to blindly allow failure and to be honest the way things are heading we are failing.

I think two world class players could sort out many of the problems just with the lift it would give everyone at the club. If these come early, in fact if they are even arranged before January then you have to think that gives out a statement of intent. Wishful thinking though I am afraid.

Anyway I will post again about something a bit more coherent this weekend.

Until then,


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