Thursday, 22 December 2011

Arsenal vs Aston Villa (very brief) post match thoughts...

Evening all,

Apologies for the dearth of material over the last few days but I am in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Honestly, I went on a train west and I find myself surrounded by sheep, mountains and inbreds. Whilst it is all a shock to the system it is nothing compared to the difficulty in finding an internet connection.

I managed to watch the match through a phone which at best can be described as shit. I managed to work out we won the match and that Benny got us the three points we didn’t deserve. It was a fantastic result made better by the fact that it was against a side managed by the ginger twat. It is a game that we shouldn’t have won but we did, highlighting the giant strides taken forward since the poor start this season.

As mentioned previously it is important to not keep harping on about the beginning of the season as we have essentially nullified the start by catching up. Now the players must do all they can to grind out results if need be.

We are now firmly in fifth position level on points with Chelsea. Whilst they have a chance to gain some distance watching the first few moments of the match between them and the scum suggests otherwise.

So we are approaching the mid point of the season and there have clearly been highs and lows but more on that in my Christmas Special… Makes me feel really cool saying that, it’s almost as though I am famous! Ha Ha!

Sad news regarding the delay of the Wolves game, which is now scheduled to take place on the 27th at 3pm.

Anyway, I have to drive in the dark for 15 miles to find the next house and I need beer.

Good night all!


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