Sunday, 18 December 2011

Era of the Mercenary - Nasri epitomises the modern day footballer..

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"Loyalty is a dying breed in modern day football. Whether it is the money, the mind set, locality or just natural progression of the game, gone are the days when a team could buy a player and expect him to want to remain at the club for the rest of his career.

We are now living in a society which is expectant of continued advancement, whether it be individually or collectively. As an individual you are aiming to make the best of life and in general all are aiming for that next promotion or next step up the ladder, usually accompanied by the highest salary possible. So when footballers do it, it should be no surprise."

Era of the Mercenary

Cannot wait until 4.00pm! Come on you Gunners! Nasri to play?!? yeah right

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