Monday, 19 December 2011

Transfer Evaluation Continued...

Evening all,

Just a really quick post to get some of your thoughts on a previous post I wrote to help me prepare to write a follow up.

I wrote a piece following our transfers in the summer evaluating our business. I will do a piece to say how I think all have fared as time has progressed but thought it would be interesting to go back to what I thought when we had initially signed them.

Check out the link to see my Transfer Evaluation and please post any responses/comments/ideas at the bottom of this page.

At the end of the last season Arsenal fans were promised a “busy summer” by both the Manager and Chief Executive alike. So when, with a week to go and the most notable transfers for Arsenal Football Club were both outgoing, you could sense the level of discontent rising. This culminated in an abysmal 8-2 defeat away to the Champions and whilst the travelling squad was severely depleted by injuries and suspensions, many of the fans felt that this result was the consequence of a failed transfer policy. The blame for the majority of people lay squarely on the shoulders of the Arsenal Manager; Arsene Wenger.
For many people the Arsenal squad required strengthening even prior to the sales of Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri so when these transfers were finalised the feeling among Arsenal fans was understandably dejected. This however changed in the final 48 hours of the transfer windows following the completion of five incoming players. Fans are suddenly coming back to life as highlighted by the slow sales of the next home Arsenal game against Swansea. The match went to general sale, which if you have any experience of purchasing an Arsenal ticket is very rare. This dramatically changed following the transfer deadline day as all the remaining tickets were sold the following morning. The question I have though is: is this new found exuberance amongst the fans warranted?"

Thanks in advance for the help..


Bare in mind we now have the benefit of hindsight so don't be too harsh ;)


  1. Nice article. Let's see about your evaluations.

    Bendtner - Spot on. Great to get him out of the club for me. I thought he would've been good at Sunderland but he's actually been quite poor and proven he's not good enough for us.

    Lansbury - A good loan move for him. Had a great start at WHU, shame about the injury. He's signed a new contract recently at Arsenal so Wenger must like him.

    Nasri - Agree as well. A lot of money which we need. It makes it all the better considering he's been pants at City so far.

    Traore - Good amount of money for a rubbish player so I agree.

    Eboue - I have to disagree with you here. Whilst he is by no means an amazing player, and indeed mistakes like the one against Liverpool were costly, it was a bad move by Wenger to leave us with a 19 year old with 8 league 2 appearances as the only back up for Sagna. Having said that both Djourou and Koscielny look quite good at right back.

    Cesc - I disagree with you. Whilst we didn't make enough money, £50-60m would've been better, considering how he now looks as good as Xavi and Iniesta. But there was no choice. Having a player who doesn't want to be here was not an option.

    Vela - Agree, hopefully he doesn't come back.

    Denilson - As above.

    Clichy - 50/50. Would have been a fine move if Gibbs and Santos weren't injured but now we have no one. Wenger wasn't to know though (well at least about Santos)

    Jenkinson - Agree. Started badly but had looked quite good before getting injured. Could be a good one for the future. Should be 3rd not 2nd choice RB though.

    Gervinho - Totally agree with you. His final ball wasn't great at the beginning but it has improved a lot since. Now only has to work on his finishing. Could be as big a hit at Arsenal as a Pires or Ljungberg for me.

    Chamberlain - For me a 10/10. Great signing. Looks to be a huge huge prospect for the futre.

    Park - Disagree with you here. Although not a bad player, not exactly what we needed. A £3m striker will not get you much these days I'm afraid, especially at the age of 26. We had the money from Cesc and Nasri to spend on proven world class talent to push RVP all the way.

    Santos - Agree

    Mertesacker - 6,5/10 for me. Could've signed someone better in my opinion. He hasn't been bad. Some mistakes mixed with some very good performances. Koscielny looks a better defender.

    Arteta - Agree, great signing I think. Has fit in seamlessly. Not a like for like for Cesc but has added to a new sense of team spirit. He seams genuinely thrilled to be at Arsenal.

    Benayoun - Agree.

    Nice article. Hopefully we will make a big money signing in January, and hopefully it's a striker.

  2. Glad to be rid of Clichy, was always a disaster in the making. i will take Jenkinson any day.
    Eboue, time to go. I wish he has taken Arhsavin and Chamakh with him.
    Metersacker, a great signing. Who woudn't want a proven, calm international on their team? His calming influence on Vermaelen and Koscielny is evident.

  3. Sign podolski or damiao and cahill,vertonghen nd baines if possible and also sign gotze or hazard or pastore.