Saturday, 24 December 2011

Is King Henry returning? Transfer news and fullback crisis...

Morning all,

As we are now well and truly in the festive season drunkenness is on the increase where as the quality of my posts are most certainly on the decrease.

It seems that we are hurtling towards the transfer window at great pace with only two home games against Wolves and QPR before we reach destination crazy.

The rumour mill will be in overdrive come January but it is safe to say that the mill is already working harder and harder by the day.

Today for example it is evident that the press are itching for a return to home for Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and their itch is being scratched so seductively by the words of Arsene Wenger at his press conference.

“I have to think about that. Short-term is ideal for us, but I haven’t made any enquiry yet. Thierry is not here at the moment. It has never come up in conversation… The first of January is the vital date for us. We have seven days to make decisions and I will make a decision in the next seven days on players.”

This seems like a no brainer on the surface as Arsene Wenger has even admitted that in the short-term this is “ideal for us”. I fear there may be far more sentimental issues to contend with which provide the only real barrier to this deal. I think, and bare in mind this is pure speculation based on my experience of Arsene Wenger in the past, that Arsene Wenger is concerned with the legacy of Henry.

He is the all time record scorer who by most accounts is the greatest player to grace the Premiership. For him to come and sit on the bench and perhaps not score would perhaps tarnish that to some extent and maybe Arsene is not willing to risk that. However, Wenger’s stance has softened on the issue as when he first arrived to train at London Colney it was emphatically made clear that no short term deal would occur. Perhaps this suggests that Henry’s performance in training is what is changing his mind and Wenger now thinks he could have some impact.

Either way it is all speculation at this stage but I have a feeling perhaps guided by the heart that we will see Thierry Henry play for Arsenal again in the New Year.

The other main area subjected to the back pages is that of our pursuit for a fullback. With lazy reporting suggesting Wayne Bridge as he is on the surface a viable candidate due to being frozen out so an easy loan option. Unfortunately as his spell with the Hammers last year highlighted; he is dog shit. Steaming, dog shit with fleas. So one would hope that Arsene has options less shit.

Aside from that there is not much else going on. I will post later today with a special of what Santa should bring Arsenal for Christmas so be sure to check back later.

So ho ho ho and all that jazz. Have a very merry Christmas with lots of drinking and eating and drinking and I hope you have a great day.


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