Friday, 23 September 2011

Arsenal vs Bolton Preview and Team News

Evening Arsenal fans,

Another premiership match fast approaching with barely any breathing room for Wenger amid the vast criticism the team and Wenger himself have faced these past few months.

We have another fixture which we should be winning but one we will in all likelihood, find difficult to win. We have a similar team available to us when compared to last week. We are against a team whose defence is seemingly as shoddy as ours despite having the one player the world thinks will solve our defence. I am guessing that all eyes will be on our defence but Gary Cahill will certainly be in the peripheral vision as a poor showing from our defence and a good performance from him and I can imagine the fires being stoked further. In my opinion it is ridiculous to suggest this as anyone that has followed us over the past 6 months knows that the problems with our defence stretch far deeper than just personell. The problems are the teams as a whole and the attacking tactics the team adopts. In fact Wenger alluded to this earlier:

“The modern game is a team sport more than ever because everybody has to defend completely. All the big teams do it. You do not get away with just seven or eight and the rest watching. If you don’t do it as a team it doesn’t work.”

In his press conference he spoke about the state of our chances for the season. Apologies for the block.

"Of course I am worried. It is absolutely not realistic not to be worried when you have a team like Manchester United in front of you… The only thing we can do is focus on our performances, win our games and hope they will drop some points at some stage. However, at the moment I am more concerned by us than them. If they do a perfect season, they do a perfect season. Until now, only one team did that - Arsenal… What is important for us is to give absolutely everything to do it, but at the moment it is too early to speak about that. Let's come back to a better distance with the top teams before we speak about that. If the team gets momentum, we can be very strong. I still believe we paid a very heavy price for the Udinese game, where we didn't get any credit at all. Today, they are top of the league. We had to give absolutely everything against Dortmund and in the second half at Blackburn you could see that. Our start of the season was disturbed by the transfers and by the fact that we had to qualify for the Champions League. We lost a lot of energy in these games."

Robin Van Persie spoke some real sense which does not come as a surprise to anyone that has followed his career.

“It is important that we stay positive - that can be hard because everyone is frustrated and we realise that this is our worst start in the league for a while… We should be proud of who we are and aware that we are only five games in with so much still to play for.”

In team news we have good news for once in that Ramsey, Rosicky and Sagna are all fit and returning to the team. I expect a line up of Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscienly, Santos, Song, Ramsey, Arteta, Walcott, Gervinho, Van Persie. Again, it is a team that you would expect to beat Bolton but as I have said, at the moment, you never know! I will however predict a win and hope I am for once right.

‘Til next time peeps,


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