Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blackburn 4 - 3 Arsenal

I wish this weekend was opposite world. We would have scored four goals, we would be in a great position to finally move on from the United result and I wouldn’t be hung over. Unfortunately opposite world is a place you cannot go to, easily and I fear that it remains in a school playground somewhere.

So in real world we conceded four fucking goals to Blackburn Rovers. I know I said that the game would be tricky but fuck me that was just shocking. We defended like donkeys and it is clear that there are some serious problems at the club I love. This is not a personnel problem, but rather a problem to do with our tactics, our preparation and set up. There is something intrinsically wrong with our club and the way we defend and I am afraid there is one person that can be blamed for that… Oleg Luzny (phonetic spelling of course). Sorry forgot this wasn’t opposite world for a moment. Arsene Wenger has to be held accountable for the team’s failings in this regard. We were atrocious, abysmal, awful and mostly SHIT. It is unacceptable that a team of professionals gets set up to take a battering week in, week out.

I hear the calls for a defensive coach and whilst this is a good idea it will ultimately fail unless Wenger addresses the very serious issues that confront us at this point. Unless Wenger is able to organise the team in a way which doesn’t concede four goals to shit teams then I can’t see what difference a defensive coach is going to make. Zonal marking in my opinion only works when all the players are comfortable with it, know each other inside out and are all disciplined. Our back four had never played together before and despite that were expected to deal with everything comfortably. There was no fucking accountability and I am sick of it.

We can bemoan our bad luck all we want but this is a shambles. I am not one for negativity nor do I endorse the notion that Wenger needs to be fired but some serious questions need to be asked. If he cannot fix these problems then his suitability for the job needs to be questioned. I am not saying fire him but he should be scrutinised and questioned in detail over the failings at the moment.

We are finding ourselves in a position that is looking more and more like a crisis everyday. We need to come back from this and sort these problems out quickly as humanly possible and if the current staff is unable to do so then we may have to look for people that can.


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