Friday, 9 September 2011

The start of something special?

“The season starts here”

The rhetoric thrown out by the club today is a clear and unequivocal: the season starts here and now! I hate to break it to you monsieur Wenger that no it does fucking not.

We are at the moment far below our upcoming opponents in the league and a big win would still make us sit in the bottom half of the league. As much as we all wish the result of two weeks ago hadn’t been so and as much as we hope that the home defeat to the twats from Liverpool hadn’t happened, it did. It is unfortunate that these results happened and we are where we are but my point is; we are where we are. There is no point denying it but we must pick ourselves and move on.

I understand why he would say it in that our squad is complete and now we are ready but the fact of the matter is the season started and we were not ready for it. No point pretending it was unimportant and only results from now count but by the same token we should now just move on and start to build some momentum for the rest of the season.

This month alone we should pick up nine points in a series of games we should win which include Swansea, Blackburn and Bolton. With 3 wins on the trot the fickle media may change their tune and all will be forgotten. Until we lose or draw that is and that is when the dagger sharpening shall resume, but until then I predict some relatively moderate press. In fact it may turn into quite positive press if the run continues into a tough October and if the run does continue past Tottenham then there is every chance we will be able to challenge for top honours given our fixtures in November.

I am sure you are all aware that despite fixtures being our friend in the past, we have still managed to fail, and fail miserably. Despite our past impotence, I feel our newly found experience will cope far better in these situations. They will be able to guide our younger players through tough fixtures and I am certain that this will allow them to develop into far better footballers. If Ramsey performs the way he did in midweek as he did against England then we are in for a special season. This sort of performance however is not going to be consistent at this stage of Ramsey’s development so it is imperative we have people that can influence, not only him but the game on the days when things are inevitably  not going to go right for the young lad.

People say Arsene Wenger has abandoned his principles of developing young talent and that this experiment was a failure so he sought to rectify it. I personally do not think anything of the sort. All of these signings were clearly made in order to alleviate the pressure heaped onto the shoulders of the young players in the short term. If anything these signings are made with the younger player’s development in mind. This combined with the fact that two of our key players have potentially long term injuries these are transfers of necessity as opposed to those in a shift of policy. If Wilshire is rushed back and Ramsey overplayed that is clearly to the detriment of our youth development. Even Fabregas in his breakthrough season had experienced heads around him. These signings enable us to nurture the talent we have in the best way possible.

Anyway, I digress. It is clear to me that whilst we can certainly forgive the past four weeks of Arsenal life with a concerted effort at rectifying the wrongs by having a really strong run building up the big Mo (momentum), we certainly should not forget the last few weeks as these may be as important a few weeks as any in the club’s history. Last month culminated in humiliating fashion but we have the opportunity to show some real character and mental strength by bouncing back in style by starting this month with a thumping win.

So whilst we may want the season to start now, it is clearly futile but this can be the start of something, the start of a special run that catapults us back to where we rightfully belong.

Come on Arsenal!


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