Monday, 19 September 2011

An important two weeks!

Evening Gooners,

The dust has settled on another miserable weekend away for Arsenal FC but the good news is that we have football tomorrow. I love midweek football as it gives me something to look forward to… Really sad huh?

Anyway, tomorrow sees us at home against Shrewsbury. I will be the first to admit I know nothing about the opposition but you can rest assured knowing this is a great opportunity for a set of players who have little chance to play at such a level. For them it will be a great night out and a real chance of taking a big scalp considering the team that is likely to play.

I would say that Arsenal should have the quality in the squad to play well and win tomorrow but the way things are going, I don’t know.

Anyway a full preview tomorrow, so on to the news which by all accounts is more of the same from the media; our imminent downfall.

Whilst I gave quite a passionate account of the failings on Saturday I didn’t focus on anything we did well and in many ways that makes me as bad as the rest of the media, only focussing on the negativity. The main reason I didn’t talk about the positives on Saturday was the fact that I thought the message should not be diluted in the slightest but as @Arsenal_Ratings and @GoonerIsrish have said there were positives and we did play well. This was summed up by @GoonerIrish’s assertion that “Every year, every team drops points. We've made a lot of changes too. It will come.”

I agree that it will come and it is not irreparable but we should not overlook clear shortcomings that are affecting us at the present. It is imperative we act on the issues and it seems that the players wish for the same. I spoke about how a defensive coach in itself would not solve our problems but it seems that the players feel a new direction would be beneficial if reports are to be believed.

Robin Van Persie is clearly frustrated by the current situation which came across when speaking to the official site.

"There is lots of time, but at some point you need to pick yourself up and prove what you are capable of… We are not doing that at the moment and are not consistent enough. It just frustrates me, and it is happening too often. Every time we start positively we just keep making the same mistakes and that is surprising.”

He is clearly annoyed as there is nothing he can personally do to solve the problems at the moment, though at times an isolated figure he has played pretty well every game and I can see why that would be annoying. He continued with a sentiment I have had over the past few weeks:
"It's very important [to get a run going]…Even before the game on Saturday I said to the boys, 'today is a big, big day'. We have to get back-to-back wins, and we just cannot do that at the moment. That is our aim for the next couple of games, we have to win them after each other. We just need a couple of good weeks in the Premier League where we get a lot of points, and hopefully we can start next week against Bolton."

A run now would be great and much needed but unfortunately this is going to be more difficult over the next few fixtures compared to the one we just had. I just hope we can really sort shit out by the weekend and come out on top.

Anyway a fairly quiet day apart from Wenger bashing but that is something I won’t do.

Have a great evening and I shall speak to you all tomorrow.


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