Sunday, 25 September 2011

Progress! Arsenal vs Bolton Post match shizzle

Morning gooners,

Hope you all are well on this fine Sunday morning. I certainly am far happier then I was at this stage last week. Though there were some things that were similar to last week such as; a number of chances wasted, a good attacking performance and three goals scored thankfully there were a number of things different from last week. The main one being the result; an arsenal victory in the premier league. Feels like a long time since I have said that and I can tell you it is better than sex. We also managed to keep a clean sheet which given the intense scrutiny the defence was under before the match comes as huge relief to everyone involved at the club.

I have to be honest; there wasn’t any moment where I felt nervous or where the defence seemed at their incapable worse aside from an incident within the first few moments where I felt our defence hadn’t dealt with Bolton effectively. If not for another amazing save by Szczesny inside the first few moments of the match the game could have turned out in some what different fashion. Thankfully he did give me another moment to love myself over. He is turning out to be a very special talent indeed.

After the initial scare though it was essentially all one way traffic and despite the first half not being brilliant by any measure, we always seemed in control. One thing that struck me was the pressing game we played. This enabled our defence to be worked far less than they have the past few weeks which gave them the space and time needed. I thought Mertesacker looked particularly good without ever having to do anything spectacular.

On the other side of the pitch though we threatened without every really looking likely to break the dead lock. That was until Gervinho mesmerised his way into a great position after a perfect ball from Arteta and he would have done better to tee up Van Persie who would have surely scored. Gervinho instead over ran it with a poor touch which their keeper gathered gleefully.

The second half was quite different though. Same possessional dominance as the first half, however this time it was paired with some scintillating stuff which resulted in three goals and a Bolton player, David Wheater, being sent off. Van Persie finished in style twice taking his tally to 100 for the Arsenal and the third, Song’s goal was a joy to behold. I know it is very premature to say this but it looks as though a corner has been turned. Of course this isn’t the case after just one result but it just looked like things were back to normal with the fine performance yesterday. This is exactly the kind of performances the team needs at the moment and let us hope we can build on this and get back to our beautiful best. Sentiments matched by Captain Vantastic:

The fans were amazing again. Of course for them it’s a hard time, like for us, but I think everyone’s dealing well with the situation. We got a good win, three goals, so hopefully we can look forward with this result. It’s good to get a good win, we could maybe have scored 5 or 6 today but we have a big game on Wednesday, and then a massive one on Sunday. Everyone is looking forward to it, everyone is pleased, some smiles again, and that’s what we want, no?

Arsenal 3 – 0 Bolton

Van Persie (2)

In not so good news though it seems as though Walcott is facing yet another spell on the sides. Contradicting reports as to whether it is his Hamstring or Knee but I am hearing Knee. No news on how long this could be but the usual Twitter rumours range from “in contention for Olympiakos” and “Lengthy spell out” so we will have to wait until we get something more concrete from Arsenal.

Wilshire is also undergoing surgery on his problematic ankle and will be sidelined until around Christmas time. I know there are a lot of us fans that feel the medical team are only serve to make matters worse but in this instance we are perhaps being unfair. A lot of people have mentioned that surgery should have taken place straight away in the summer so he would be coming back around now, though that logic is sound what everyone fails to consider is that surgery is not risk free. It is sound medical practice to let injuries heal naturally as the surgery can cause long term damage and potentially weaken the ankle.

Well that pretty much sums things up for today folks. As a last point we now no longer have the worst goal difference in the league. Now that’s what I call progress.

Off to play some football and then be a slob. Have a good one!


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