Monday, 5 September 2011

More injuries, touchline bans and Denis Bergkamp top 10

The past few days have in some ways been a return to normality. Without the media frenzy and crazy speculation, life in the football media seems a little dull. I for one am quite pleased. No longer do we have to speculate, worry and prey. We know what the squad is and we can finally concentrate on the things that really matter in life football and beer.
Gone are the clearly ludicrous transfer targets of Tevez and Kaka and they are replaced by the news of further injury problems. Wait, maybe that’s not a good thing but you get my idea. At least it is real news, by no means good news, but still, real news.

This news is that Jack Wilshire is due to be out for a further two to three months following a setback to his ankle injury. It is essential we allow him the time to recuperate properly given his importance to the team. The last thing we need is a number of setbacks and failed come back attempts. We need him fully fit and in his stead I feel we have adequate cover with our new additions.

It is not all bad news though, on the injury front we have Frimpong returning from suspension and Gibbs, Vermaelen and Sagna all likely to return to the squad from injuries, this coming weekend for the home tie against Swansea. It is with this in mind that I am confident the month of September will certainly be a better month than August for results in the Premier League. Hopefully we can get on a bit of a run, close the gap and gain some momentum for some big matches in the not too distant future come October.

Despite the positive outlook some other Arsenal players and I share, there is a little Russian chap that feels we may not have a chance against some more intimidating teams. Arshavin told Russian newspaper Sport that:

"The loss of Fabregas and Nasri is very significant… When sitting on the bench during the Udinese game, I told Bendtner that we have no players who can feed van Persie or use the strong sides of other forwards. I'm glad I had the opportunity to play with such a great footballer. Some are irreplaceable."
In other news the intollerable twats at Uefa have continued their crusade against Arsenal and Arsene Wenger by issuing him a two match touchline ban. Perhaps I am a little harsh on Twatini, as Wenger was clearly communicating with the bench but I hate Platini and his evil minions so I am going with the initial sentiment. This is not great news but something that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. This will be a huge test without Wenger especially given the first fixture is away at Dortmund.

Not an awful lot else to report on really. International breaks do bore me I must admit but there was some good football and some great performances from some Arsenal players. Robin Van Persie scored 4 goals against San Marino, Park Chu-Young bagged himself a hat-trick and Aaron Ramsey scored a decent goal. There were also decent performances from Theo Walcott and Alex Oxade Chamberlain, on the whole promising stuff which we hope they transfer to club form.

Finally, I was compiling a list of my favourite goals when I came across this list and for nostalgic value is well worth a look. Here is a video of the old Arsenal TV online stuff where they compiled their top ten Bergkamp goals. My god I miss him. Pure class.


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  1. Don't let us forget Gervinho scored two I believe! : )