Sunday, 14 August 2011

Business As Usual

So yesterday saw the return of the league but I sit here and ask myself if the summer wasn’t just all a dream. The new season starts and it is same old Arsenal. Lot’s of possession and not much else. It will be easy to say that we missed the gruesome twosome but to be honest we have played like that many times with them in the team. It was a rubbish game of football and one we never really looked like scoring in.

So it was not quite what we hoped for, neither in performance or result but let’s get one thing clear as I am sure the drivel (news) across the world will focus on our sending off incidents. IT WAS A PENALTY. In case there is any doubt in anyone’s mind, it was a clear cut penalty with absolutely no hint of a dive. He didn’t leave his leg in, there was a small clip but enough to go down and as such was a penalty! Just so we do not have any doubts about it I shall say it once more; it was a penalty.

If you are wondering why I am labouring on the point for so long all shall be explained. I feel this was the most crucial point of the match, the turning point if you will. We should have had a penalty which RVP would have dispatched, we would have had 11 men on the pitch and we would have likely won. The course of history was changed and what followed however was an inept decision by all officials not to award the penalty. This resulted in that redneck turd to violently hoist our very own Cling-on up and hold him aggressively at the neck.

Now I am completely clear on the rules but I cannot for the life of me understand what on earth Gervinho was supposed to do. Was he expected to just stand there and take the abuse? In any situation in society if someone grabs you in a threatening manner you are well within your rights to hit him in order to defend yourself. How on earth then is it that in football you cannot defend yourself as you will be punished equally as the aggressor and in this case more harshly. It is a backward law that needs to be looked at as if you put what happened yesterday in front of the Magistrate’s Court then Barton gets charged with assault and Gervinho gets nothing. Self defence. Completely justified. That is the LAW but we all know that FIFA don’t like the idea of following the law.

What Gervinho did cannot be described as anything but a push to the face in order to fend off a lunatic and as such cannot see the clamour to send him off. I agree according to the law he should have gone and am not arguing with that. Just do not want anyone to blame him for it as it is a ludicrous law as it stands and I know it is something that will never change. However the law wasn’t applied as rigidly with the scummy Barton. How he remained on the pitch was amazing given the level of aggression and what he did. Incompetence.

The hypocrisy of it all, Barton telling someone not to dive even though he wasn’t ends up diving after one of the limpest of slaps in the history of football. The thuggish hard man that he is upholding the virtues of the game by not accepting any diving then drops like Amir Kahn getting nocked out by Breidis Prescott. The shitty excuse for a human then lied to officials as well as Robin Van Persie. He should be banned for his dive, and his behaviour in the build up.

Another person we should be angry at is the buffoon who risked our result more than any other on the pitch. Alex Song fucking Billong’s petulant stamp could have resulted in an early sending off and could have potentially hampered us and cost us the game. While the recipient certainly deserved it and not the big hug he gave him after the game, it was a moment that could have cost us dearly and I hope he is severely reprimanded with a fine or being dropped. He is in all likelihood going to be banned retrospectively and this in itself will cost us. That kind of behaviour has cost us in the past and if we are to have any chance of anything this year we must ensure we are as professional as possible.

So back to the actual game, a lot of fans are up in arms, some are saying a point away to Newcastle isn’t bad and some are saying it is a good result. I think these are exactly the type of games we need to win if we are to have any chance. I have to say though, the performance had many positives. Gervinho looked threatening, we were pressing higher up the pitch and faster than normal in the first half and most importantly we had a very good game defensively. I have to say the way Szczesny commanded that area was a delight to behold. Not only did he command well, his decision making was superb and was generally immense. This clearly had a nock on effect on the defence who I thought were very well organised and looked good even at set pieces. Granted this wasn’t the greatest attacking threat they’ve faced but it was certainly nice to see.

To sum up, Barton is a twat, Song is thick, and Gervinho acted like a normal human. Our defence looks better where as our attack looks impotent. Despite this, we should have had a penalty and won the game. So in short, we were robbed.

See how I managed to do that? Quite clever I think.

Aside from that there is no real news apart from lots of tabloid gossip regarding the usual suspects. The nonsense regarding Tevez seems to have been quashed thankfully. No point in getting our hopes up only to be disappointed yet again. I do not know why however, we are not looking to get Johnson and money for Nasri.

That will do for today. Roll on the signings and you shall hear from me tomorrow!

‘Till then.


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