Thursday, 4 August 2011

Members’ Day & General News

Morning all and it feels like normal business is resumed. Perhaps because of the weather it seems like everything is back to normal. The incessant trash talk from Barcelona is back and worse than ever. I find the newest talk to be the most infuriating of the lot because it is just a slap in the face of all involved with the club. After all the shit talk that has leaked out of the mouths of everyone at the club from the toilet cleaner to the cunt of a president to do with our captain, we are now told by Barcelona’s Director of football, Zubizarreta that;

"We won't comment on the negotiations for Fabregas. We will have time for that. We must be respectful of the club Cesc belongs to. You just have to let things happen without being optimistic or pessimistic."

Wise words and would have been much appreciated two months ago. At this time however they feel like a cheese grater to the testes, especially when that little twat Xavi cannot keep from following these rules set by their Director of Football. He has already declared that;

"Cesc is a footballer who would come to add [quality] to this squad. Our strength is in the midfield and we need many players for this area, Fabregas is a player that, if he comes, will help us play in different ways. He has the final pass on him and he can score too.”

All very true but he is not your player so he offers you nothing and until that is the case shut the fuck up about him. It is highly unprofessional and has had the effect of unsettling one of our most important players. I look forward to hearing how he has been punished following this outburst but will surely be waiting an eternity as there has been a clear strategic push at destabilising our captain and so far it has worked. I said a few days ago it is looking more and more likely that he will leave and I am sure this is the case. It is depressing to see and I still do not understand how we have let ourselves be in this position. WE hold all the cards and can do as we please. It would be nice to see someone with a bit of back bone to just say no. We do not need to sell and KSE could easily step in and refuse to sanction the sale. That would be a more than welcome intervention.

Today is Members’ Day and this further adds to the speculation. I am like a giddy school kid today as I usually am on occasions like this but those of a more sceptical disposition have focussed more on the team photo and who will appear in it. I am not going to focus on this and will hopefully be able to enjoy the day without worrying about these issues for an afternoon.

In other news, it has been announced that Kyle Bartley has signed a new contract which I think is great news. He looks a real talent and would be a great squad player. I feel he would benefit from another season out on loan ideally to a team in the Premiership but he clearly does not agree.

"If I'm honest, I don't think I was anywhere near the level to play for Arsenal last season but I've come back, I feel really strong and I feel that I am ready now.”

A bit of an old quote but it is his assertion that a loan deal is not necessary this season and he can really do a job for us already.

In the only bit of real transfer news it seems Arsenal are ready to take another talented Spanish teen and offer him a professional contract. Unfortunately we are not taking one of Barca’s players this time it is in fact their rivals over in Madrid. Read Madrid striker Jose Rodriguez seems to be on course for a transfer switch to Arsenal. According to the London Evening Standard, Arsene has already spoken to his parents and apparently Fabregas is involved in convincing him to sign professional terms at The Arsenal.

I will be honest I do not know an awful lot about him aside from that he was Player of the Tournament at the recent Under-17 World Club Championship in Spain. He is said to be very good and this like the potential signing of Campbell, represents one for the future so does not really effect the coming season.

Anyway, running a little late now so better depart.

Enjoy the day!

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