Monday, 29 August 2011

The day is darkest, just before dawn.

Morning all,

The most surprising thing about yesterdays result was that we scored two goals. Aside from a 15 minute period in the second half yesterday was as bad a performance as I can remember from an Arsenal team. We lacked any cohesiveness, tactical awareness or any attacking threat but that is nothing compared to the incompetent defensive performance from the whole team. Gaping holes everywhere from the top of the pitch all the way to the defence. The worst part of the whole debacle is how easy we made it for them and how difficult we made it for ourselves. I love clich├ęs as much as anyone and one that springs to mind is we were our own worst enemy.

Gary Neville (can’t believe I am saying this) summed it up best when he declared that there will be less talented teams that come to Old Trafford and Manchester United will play better and not win by such a margin. Whilst it is clear we were truly awful the same cannot be said for United’s brilliance. Hopefully this does not come across as a bitter man blinded by hatred but is said only to highlight the absolute gulf between both teams and that is, finishing aside, without United anywhere near full strength. You take out Phil Jones and Johnny Evans and replace them with Ferdinand and Vidic, it may well have been 8-0.

The worst thing is arsenal fans you can’t even get angry at the players, well apart from Arshavin who was more awful than a pile of excrement from a dog with diarrhoea. The rest of the players either were not allowed to be in the game, far too much was expected of them, or they were set up to be slaughtered ruthlessly by an unrelenting opponent.

It was a truly shambolic display which highlights the need for change. I genuinely feel sick and had one of the most troubled nights sleep whilst thinking of what will become of my beloved Arsenal. Is “Arsene out” really the answer? Is “spend some fucking money” they way forward? There are many deficiencies within the club at present and all were highlighted in one of the most abysmal performances in the club’s history.

However let’s not forget our amazing fans that in the face of misery sang, sang loudly and proudly and did not stop. They were a testament to the arsenal spirit and if the team were half as good as the support the result would have been reversed.

So where do we go from here? It is clear wholesale changes are in order and many of the players did not care, to see Trarore looking delighted at the final whistle made me want to go over and pimp slap him. A new centre back, left back, 2 midfielders, an attacking winger and a new striker.

Will it happen before Wednesday? I highly doubt it and I’m afraid that someone must be accountable. I personally think it is as much the board as anyone but the fact that this result has arisen despite the manager and board having time to sort out our problems only leads us to one conclusion: mismanagement.

I apologise for the shortness of this post but at present find myself unable to write anything more about the club I love. The result in many ways was never in question, lets just hope the manner of the defeat is a blessing in that it forces us to address the glaring and obvious flaws within our squad.

Until tomorrow.


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