Friday, 12 August 2011

Press Conferences, Lies and Craziness.. A day in the world of Arsenal

Morning to the entire Goonerverse,

Today we have a special Premiership Preview edition of the Goonervese which I will post later today after this short post.

We are only a day away from the season and whilst there are many issues unresolved and much business left to do, we have got to the stage where we have to go, “ready or not”. It reminds me of playing hide and seek when I was young and I had 15 great ideas where to hide but the time was ticking. The indecision cost me and meant I hadn’t hidden in any of those great places but the time had come and I just hid in the closest place, ending up being somewhere I didn’t want to be. “Ready or not, here I come”.

It is similar to where we are at the moment. We have had many things we need to sort out and the time has been ticking but we find ourselves in a position where it seems that we haven’t sorted any of these issues out. Cesc’s future is still unresolved, Nasri is in the same situation, we have no defensive reinforcements, no replacements for the departing players, never mind the potential departures to a number of squad players. That is before we look at integrating them into the team and finding a system that the new squad is comfortable with.

While there is still time to correct these issues we cannot do much to help us before kick off tomorrow. For now we must concentrate on the game tomorrow and ensure we have a winning start. We must realise that we cannot change anything for tomorrow so let’s get on with it. This was the backdrop to which Wenger infuriated many with his press conference this morning. We are all clearly upset about a number of things at the club right now and having Wenger almost belittle us by not really acknowledging anything, lying and ignoring issues surrounding the club has infuriated the masses.

It is however not as bad if you watch the full Press Conference instead of just looking at the one liners without any context but even still, there are glaring omissions, clear dishonesty and silly comments. This was in my opinion an attempt to deflect attention from these issues and just concentrate on the game. I fear this may have had the opposite effect though. It has got everyone even more anxious about the coming season.

The truth is we are where we are right now and we really need to get on with the game tomorrow. That is all. I understand the disappointment of many fans and the genuine embarrassment felt by others when hearing things such as:

“I expect nobody to leave the club”.

This sounds border line insane and was certainly not the only questionable quote. However, these are more understandable when placed into context.

“I expect nobody to leave the club. At the moment there is no news. What we want today is to focus on the players who can help”

Whilst he is still sounding out of touch, he is (I think) basically trying to say, that at the moment he expects no one to leave as there is no new news. He wants the focus on the match and to concentrate on the “players available”. It is important to not get too worked up over this as we have a whole season to get worked up, let’s not do it all before the season even starts!

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Anyway, that’s all for now. Make sure to check back later for the Premier league preview.


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