Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Slow News Day - Manchester City Preview

Morning all and what a beautiful one it is,

Seems as though there is no promising news on any transfers especially the one I refuse to discuss. I really, really hope it does not happen! (Argh)

It seems as though the promise to us of a busy summer has been grossly exaggerated but I for one am not overly surprised. Most of the talk came from our man Ivan upstairs and when le professor spoke of a busy summer he specifically only mentioned “one or two quality signings”. It was never a matter of going out and buying 4 or 5 players, at least not in Mr Wenger’s mind. I for one think we are going to make another signing at the most. I am not counting any replacements for the imminent departures. I seriously do not understand how we let ourselves be bullied by other clubs or the players but it is what it is and I just hope Mata doesn’t replace both of the departing players (if both do indeed leave).

Also the signing of Campbell seems to be back on despite it seeming like he tried to whore himself to anyone he thought may be able to sign with. Seems like a signing we really do not need and it seems pointless as it certainly will not help strengthen for the coming season. I think we have had enough of these signings especially when they are in the majority.

In other news it seems as though Wilshire’s injury is not too serious which is good and bad news. He is available to play for England now which seems to be a curse for every single arsenal player so lets just hope it is for as little time as possible and he remains fit for the start of the season.

In continuation of the little mini series we move on to the, even more annoying then Chelsea; Man City.

Last Season: This is interesting. They were good at times, okay for the most part and awful for the rest of it. Especially against us. They seemed incapable of having a go against any of the big teams which didn’t suggest that they were ready to fight for the championship. They were trailing us the entire season and were in fact battling with some small club from down the road for most of the season to secure champions league football. It is with that in mind that I really cannot understand how on earth they managed to finish above us. These instances really highlight how major our downfall was at the close of the season. It was truly shambolic.

Playing Squad: They have a fantastic squad which many other clubs would envy for but on the plus side for us, it is full of money grabbing, disloyal arse holes. This may explain some of the poorer performances. A team full of individuals many of whom have sulked their entire career leading them to City. They have added Aguerro who in my opinion is one of the finest footballers on the planet. Some of his finishes are out of this world. How will he fit in? Probably quite easily but I feel with the number of discontented players there that will surely have some form of impact particularly with Tevez. In addition, with the news that another bid for Nasri has been made I can’t see us keeping him if logic prevails. Unless he commits and signs a new contract he really has to be sold. The other signings though fairly modest in comparison, have helped strengthen the squad, particularly that of Clichy in a very problematic position for them.

Threat to Arsenal: High, mostly due to the volume of talent available to Scarfcini. I do however think that it is possible it will not be all plain sailing for the FFP cheats with all the attitudes especially with the overly cautious Mancini. So despite them being a clear threat to our chances I may be foolishly optimistic about our chances to finish above them. We shall see.

Verdict: They have certainly strengthened, perhaps more so than any other of our rivals with some of it at our expense. This could be repeated and whilst when they gave good money for previous departures they were ones that didn’t make us any weaker yet this season is quite different. I was talking to friends at the bar last night regarding a potential Nasri transfer and they couldn’t understand where he’d fit in and questioned whether he would ever play. I disagree and think he would boost their chances whilst hurting ours.

Am off to Bournemouth to enjoy the sun so will be off and come back brown ;).

Good day to all in the Goonerverse.

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